JINPAT Multi-Channel Integrated Slip Rings

August 23, 2021
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In some complex and highly precise electromechanical devices, there are many lead wires to transmit power and signals. If the devices need a rotary transmission solution, a slip ring with multi channels is need to enable the function.

Among the standard slip rings produced by JINPAT Electronics, LPC-56, LPC-76 and LPC-125 are three capsule slip ring models with over 50 channels. However, since the size of these slip rings are very small, with single channel capacity of only 2A, they can only satisfy the needs in small appliances. In medium size or larger size electromechanical system, these slip ring models are not enough.

If standard slip ring cannot fulfill the power and signals transmission capacity, a custom solution is need. To integrate more channels, JINPAT Electronics has developed many custom slip ring models. Most are based on capsule slip ring and through bore slip ring.

Let’s look at a custom through hole slip ring that are frequently ordered by the clients. This custom slip ring is coded LPT000-0320-0215-0205-39S-E3. It integrates 3 20A channels, 2 15A channels and 2 5A channels. The rest are signal channels, including 1 Gigabit Ethernet channel and 39 channels for other kinds of signals like RS422, servo signal and so on.

JINPAT Capsule Slip Ring LPC-125A

Another similar custom through bore slip ring with multi channels is LPT004-073-0515-1407-9002-02E2-12S1. In its power module, there are 5 15A channels, 14 7A channels and 90 2A channels. In terms of its signal module, there are 2 100M Ethernet signal channels and 12 channels for 1553B data bus. The length of this slip ring is only 390mm with a diameter of 73mm. It is a very compact integrated slip ring. Without the hollow shaft design, the diameter can be kept within 70mm.

JINPAT multi-channel slip rings most are developed for the automation production industry. Most of this hybrid slip rings are applied in the automation machines while some are developed for the testing equipment. To integrate such a large number of channel within a relatively small slip ring requires high precision design and processing. JINPAT Electronics is well qualified to produce this high precision slip rings. With many successful cases, JINPAT keeps having return clients.

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