JINPAT Latest Slip Ring Model for Offshore Platform

August 25, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Latest Slip Ring Model for Offshore Platform

Offshore platform is a key application stage for JINPAT slip rings. Compared to slip ring applied in other industry, those used in offshore platform have salient features. One essential feature is the high power capacity. Most of the orders from offshore industry are based on large current slip rings. Since high power slip ring is of the specific slip ring genre, customization is needed.

And among JINPAT slip rings for offshore platform, most are developed for offshore cranes and offshore winches. JINPAT has published a latest slip ring model for marine crane, coded LPA000-03300-01PE-0350-0210-16S. The high power slip ring was delivered to the ship manufacturer. This slip ring takes up brand new design, but since JINPAT Electronics is very matured in making large current slip ring, the molding and production process are relatively short.


JINPAT High Power/Large Current Slip Ring

To begin with, let’s focus on the overall parameters. JINPAT LPA000-03300-01PE-0350-0210-16S large current slip ring is consist of two modules. In the power module, there are 3 300A power channels, 1 ground lead and 3 50A channels. These parts of the slip ring adopt carbon brush friction pairs. As for the weak power module, it is integrated as a through bore slip ring. There are 2 10A channels at 220VAC and 16 weak power signal channels at 24VAC.

Talking of its environment adaptability, since there are many protection measures offered by the platform, there is no harsh requirement of the protection grading slip ring itself. The protection grading of this high power slip ring is IP44. JINPAT LPA000-03300-01PE-0350-0210-16S high power slip ring can function well under 90%RH at the temperature between-10℃ and +45℃. To cope with the low temperature in the frigid zone, there is a built-in 200W temperature. This is also a typical JINPAT solution to endow the slip ring a better adaptability to work in different environments.