Technical Features of JINPAT Latest Ethernet Slip Rings

August 31, 2021
Latest company news about Technical Features of JINPAT Latest Ethernet Slip Rings

In the slip ring industry, custom models are generally technology intensive products. Aside from fiber optic rotary joints and high frequency slip rings, most of the standard slip ring only fulfill the task of transmitting power and signals. And that’s what mainstream electromechanical systems need. JINPAT Electronics, is a private ran slip ring company. It is the pioneer that take initiative in stepping into the virgin land of slip ring manufacturing in China. With over 25-year experience in the industry, JINPAT Electronics has developed very mature production lines of different standard slip ring models. And to keep pace with the emerging demands in the various field, JINPAT also spares no effort in innovating. JINPAT has made thousands of successful custom slip ring solutions for clients all around the world.


Among all the custom JINPAT slip ring, multi-function integrated slip rings take up a big part. There are many hybrid combinations like power, hydraulic and pneumatic integrated slip ring, electro-optical integrated slip ring and radio frequency and electrical integrated slip ring, etc. There are numerous ways of integration in related to the medium and the shapes. The most competitive and shining hybrid one is the Ethernet integrated slip ring. According to the application contexts, they can be divided in to commercial and industrial. Industrial Ethernet slip rings are applied in machinery devices while those commercial ones are applied in electromechanical systems and commercial devices.


Recently, JINPAT Electronics has received many orders of custom Ethernet integrated slip rings. We will be looking into 2 today. The first is LPT025-0610-04S-E3. It is a hybrid slip ring built on the through bore slip ring prototype. The bore diameter is 25.4mm. There are 6 10A power channels, 4 electrical signal channels and 1 Gigabit Ethernet channel. Four of the general electrical signals adopts shielded twisted pairs. As for the Ethernet part, it adopts CAT5e as leads and RJ45 as connector.


Another Ethernet integrated slip ring is developed from JINPAT capsule slip ring. It is coded LPC063-56A-2202-E2-12S-SD1 and takes up module design. The original structure of 22 2A channels is retained and the other parts is rebuilt in to a 100M Ethernet channel, 2 groups of 12 CAN signal channels and 1 HD-SDI channel. To avoid interference between the power channels and the signal channels, there are 1~2 shielding rings between each module. And besides, shielded wires are applied to channels conveying different kinds of signals.