JINPAT LPMS Super Miniature Slip Rings Brief Introduction

August 31, 2021

JINPAT LPMS super miniature slip ring has the smallest diameter of all slip ring collections. LPMS-12A represent the largest diameter of this series, with a length of 24mm and a diameter of 11.1mm. Besides, there is a 22.1mm flange to this slip ring model. But standard super miniature slip ring can only integrate 12 channel at max. So if there is need to integrate more channels, a custom super miniature slip ring model is needed.

Of JINPAT custom slip ring solutions, one is done basing one some standard models, while the other is a total brand new designed one. Since the maximum channel number is 12, most of the custom super miniature slip rings are independently developed ones. Recently, JINPAT has developed an new model that integrate a large number of channels. The super miniature slip ring is coded LPMS-80S-4501-03E3-02S. This multi channels slip ring integrates 45 1A channels, 3 Gigabit Ethernet channels and 2 channels for other signals. Its length is 17.4mm and the length is 51mm, with flange design.

Custom slip rings that are similar to LPMS-80S-4501-03E3-02S are LPMS-1202-48S and LPMS-72S. The former slip ring model consists of 2 modules, the signal module and power unit. There are 48 weak electricity signals that adopt 30# tin plated Teflon leads. As for the power unit, there are 12 2A power channels that adopt 28# leads. The super miniature slip ring LPMS-72S is a special multi channels signal slip ring. It shares the common point with the former model in that it does not adopt twisted pairs, which means it supports simultaneous transmission of power and signals.

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JINPA Super Miniature Slip Ring, 80 channels

With the largest diameter doesn’t necessarily means it has the largest quantity of channels. LPMS-76S-0405-0502-0101-12S-HD02 super miniature slip ring is the top representative of multi channels mini slip ring. It is developed from a mature super miniature slip ring LPMS-76S with a total length of 52.5m and a diameter of 20mm. To facilitate installation, there is a flange on the slip ring unit. This super small slip ring integrate 2 HDMI signal channels,, 12 RS422 channels and power channels in 5A, 2A and 1A respectively.

For more information of our custom slip ring model, you can browse our custom slip ring catalogue or contact with us directly. JINPAT resolves to bring you a satisfactory custom service and slip ring products.


Super Miniature Slip Ring Applications: UAVs, drones, robot, surveillance camera