The Technology Advantages of Radar Slip Ring

August 1, 2019
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Radar is an electrical device that detects targets through electromagnetic wave. It consists of antenna, transmitter, receiver, signal processor and terminal equipment. For most operating radars, the antenna needs 360°rotation to capture the location and other information of the target. As an important device that allows 360°rotary conduction, aside from transferring power, the slip rings shoulders the responsibility of rotary signal transmission.

As a national high-tech corporation, Shenzhen JINPAT Electronics have been in the slip ring industry for over 20 years. To serve different radars, JINPAT Electronics has come up with a series of special slip rings. Radars are widely applied in military and civil field. They are needed in many of the combat vehicles, auxiliary vehicles, airplanes, vessels and missiles. Aside from these, radars also play an important role in meteorological observation, ship navigation, port lanes observation and other civil fields. These radars in different platforms all demand slip rings to maintain normal functioning.

JINPAT radar rotary joints, adopt special contact material. And the military products adopt special anti-vibration and shock-proof structure, and therefore ensure the electrical performance, mechanical performance and environment adaptability meet the relative standards.

JINPAT radar rotary joint for ship is able to work under harsh conditions like low temperature, high humidity, high salt spray and complex vibration, etc. JINPAT radar slip ring for vehicle has passed national vehicle vibration-proof and shock-proof tests. JINPAT radar slip ring for machine integrates large current ring module with signal transmission module and high frequency slip ring module. This model can meet the military temperature requirement from -55~+70 at high sea level.

JINPAT also have slip rings designed for air-to-air missile. This model has 12 channels and is capable of transmitting current and signal simultaneously. It is an indispensible component of Active Radar Homing air-to-air missile to realize signal transmission. Under the same reliability and technical capacities, JINPAT air-to-air missile slip ring has advantages over its competitors in that the former is lighter with a simpler structure and thus facilitates mass production.