How to Choose a Slip Ring Model Best Answer Your Needs?

July 25, 2019
Latest company news about How to Choose a Slip Ring Model Best Answer Your Needs?

A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the power and electrical signals to travel from a stationary to a rotating structure while connecting the two structures. Precision slip rings are high-tech products that have long been applied to sophisticated military. They are key components of sophisticated rotary table, centrifuge and inertial navigation system. With the economy development in our country, slip ring has gradually stepped into civil area. A typical application is in industrial automation system supervision. In other advanced developed countries, such products have gradually shifted from military market to civil market. In recent years, slip rings have been standardized and put into mass production. They now find broad applications in electromechanical devices from different fields: security, factory automation, electricity, finance, meter, aviation, military, transportation and construction, etc.


At present, there are 3 slip ring technologies that are adopted internationally:

1. Composite bush block technology which generally takes the forms of carbon brush, copper brush and silver/ graphite/ molybdenum disulfide brush, etc.

2. Precious metal alloy single wire, such as AuNi9.

3. Fiber brush technology. Fiber brush refers to a special sliding electrical contact design. To put it in a simple way, a fiber brush is made by assembling individual standardized metal fibers (wires) into a metal tube. In the cantilever design, the loose and unrestricted side of the wires are attached to the grooves on the roller surface.


So, when choosing slip ring, what are the important technical requirements and installation requirements should be taken into consideration?

1. Rotating speed in operation.

2. Number of power circuits and that of signal circuits.

3. The max voltage and current in power and signal circuits respectively.

4. Types of signals.

5. Ambient temperature.

6. Protection grade.

7. Meet all the configuration standards demanded by the equipment.


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