The Application of Slip Rings in Laboratory Testing Instruments

July 18, 2019
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JINPAT Electronics Co.,Ltd is a state-level high and new technology corporation. In the past 20 years, it has been committed to the research &development as well as the manufacture of mid-range and high-end slip rings. JINPAT Electronics provides professional and satisfactory solutions for 360 degree rotating electronic conduction, signal transmission and fluid transmission demanded by various industries.


Among all industrial sectors, Meter and Instrument industry is a relatively high-end one with products featuring high-technology and high added-value. Industries as such have strong demand for signal transmission. Generally, fiber optic cables and gigabit Ethernet are adopted to execute the transmission of information or signals.


Recently, a precision laboratory instrument from a research institution needs a slip ring that is capable of transmitting gigabit Ethernet signals. After learning about the specific requirements from the customer, JINPAT Electronics promptly proposed a customized solution designed for the instrument. Choosing the Standard Through-hole Slip RING with an inner diameter of 12.7mm as the prototype, the JINPAT design team develops a ultra-mini size slip ring that can transmit gigabit Ethernet signals. The model type of this slip ring is LPT012-0101-E3. Aside from having 1 passage for gigabit Ethernet signal, LPT012-0101-E3 slip rings also have a passage for 1A current.


JINPAT Electronics Through-Bore Series Slip Rings are available in different inner diameter sizes ranging from 3mm~980mm. In addition to current and Ethernet signal, slip rings of such series are capable of integrating up to 30 kinds of signals like signal of CAN, USB, RS, HDMI, SDI, FireWire, Fiber Optic, analog, industrial bus and encoder, etc., fulfilling specific requirements of different industries. And due to its bore design, through-bore slip rings are very versatile and widely used. Capacity of transmitting currents and signals is not enough for slip rings used in certain industries. Ability to transmit gas and fluid medium is also valued and stressed in a slip ring. In this case, JINPAT Electronics provides solutions to hybrid transmission of gas, fluid, current and signal. Customers are allowed to choose the fittest solution for themselves according to actual application requirements.