The Application of JINPAT Through-bore Slip Ring in Heavy Industrial Manipulator

July 11, 2019
Latest company news about The Application of JINPAT Through-bore Slip Ring in Heavy Industrial Manipulator

Manipulators are the most widely used devices in the industrial realm. They can be classified according to their functions or sizes. Generally, a manipulator must be equipped with slip rings that help to complete the transmission of signal, power and fluid medium, etc. Through-bore Slip Rings presented by JINPAT Electronics, for its hollow-shaft design, can perfectly fit in the servo system of the manipulator.


Among various manipulators, the heavy industrial type is primarily applied to lift loads. Compared to other models that feature precision and speed, industrial manipulators have stronger structures and relatively simple electrical systems. Under normal circumstances, such kind of manipulators only demands fine power transmission performance in its slip rings. JINPAT Standard Through-bore Slip Ring is here to offer competitive solutions. For example, in a 380VAC circuit, our 24-Channel 15A Standard Slip Ring is able to transmit power up to 136.8kW.


JINPAT is well-experienced in developing and manufacturing slip rings for manipulators like welding manipulators and medical manipulators. The diameter of the smallest model among them is merely 6.5mm. As mentioned above, our Standard Slip Ring is able to satisfy the power transmission demand of the heavy industrial manipulator, but how about other manipulators that do not require so many passages in their slip rings? Here is where customization steps in. JINPAT LPT025-0365-0416 Through-bore Slip Ring is a customized product to answer such needs. Such model has 7 channels with an operating voltage of 380VAC and a total transmission power of 98.4kW.


Unlike other manipulator slip rings produced by JINPAT, due to multiple requirements proposed by our customers, LPT025-0365-0416 slip ring adopts FLRY-B automotive wires. Besides, slip ring of this model type has a relatively short diameter-- 86mm and a small through hole whose diameter is merely 25mm.As a result, thick copper rings that can load large volume of power can’t be integrated in it. In order to guarantee a relative large power transmission volume, JINPAT comes up with the design of connecting 3 groups of unified-color wires to 3 copper rings in parallel. Therefore, the length of this slip ring model is kept within 113mm.