Slip Rings in Seat for Cabin Crew

June 26, 2019
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Description of problem:

In order to facilitate passengers to use the video player on the back of the seat and the remote control, a major American aircraft manufacturer optimized the design of its cabin. The slip ring of the wire-receiving device is used to solve the problem that the remote control wire is short, and the USB2.0 signal is transmitted while the power is being supplied.

Description of solution:

JINPAT’s compact solution based on the LPMS super miniature capsule slip ring enables a low-wear, maintenance-free rotary joint. It is standard equipment in all the manufacturer’s small to mid-sized passenger aircraft.

Thanks to the slip ring solution, the problem of short lines of the remote control is solved. The ultra-compact design means all electronic devices are accommodated inside the component. The slip ring has IP54 protection and meets the life requirements of 4,000,000 rotations. The Teflon cables are secured in the slip ring with tear protection. The electrical properties (contact resistance, insulation, noise) and temperature range from -20°C to 60°C allow operation in flight-critical systems.