Slip Rings for CNTECH Flight Simulator

June 20, 2019
Latest company news about Slip Rings for CNTECH Flight Simulator

The flight simulator is the machine used to simulate the flight of a flying device, such as aircrafts, missiles, satellites, spacecraft and other flying devices. It is an analog device that can reproduce the flying device and the air environment and thus be able to operate the device.


The slip ring is a 360-degree running platform in the flight simulator system. It can simulate the reversal of flipping in the air. It can reach multi-angle free rotation. Combined with the visual view, you can feel the feeling of flying in the sky.


We JINPAT has 23 years of experience in slip ring manufacturing and our military slip rings are qualified and authorized by many military companies. Using a combination of technologies, JINPAT slip ring solution can not only transmits pictures and analog data, but also meets power requirements.


Due to our innovative design and high quality materials, JINPAT slip rings are able to meet the strict requirements from our customers. In addition, JINPAT's production is highly vertically integrated, after the drawing is approved, we could still accept some certian change from the customer until the last minute of production. Here, flexibility, scalability and innovation make JINPAT a reliable and cost-effective partner for the aviation industry.