The Application of JINPAT Slip Ring on Entertainment Robot

June 13, 2019
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The entertainment robots have basic functions such as singing, dancing, telling stories and speaking foreign languages. With the development of technology, they can be programmed to play football, fight and do other sports. And with the development of artificial intelligence, the entertainment robot will have all-round development in education, programming, and entertainment.


Entertainment robot are having more and more functions, and becoming more and more compact and flexible. They can shake the head and arms, even perform somersaults and other movements. In an entertainment robot, the more parts that need to be rotary, the more slip rings will be needed. JINPAT Electronics entered the slip ring industry in 1996, providing solutions of 360 ° rotary transmission. For the entertainment robot industry, JINPAT designed LPKS separate pancake slip ring witch requires small axial space.


JINPAT LPKS separate pancake slip ring is made of PCB, with exquisite and rigorous structure, and the minimum thickness of 5mm. It is specially designed to provide the best solutions of rotary transmission for devices with small installation space like the entertainment robot. In addition to the current, the slip ring can also transmit analog and digital signals, and is compatible with the bus protocol. If customers need to transmit RS signals, serial port signals, Ethernet signals, etc., JINPAT can also provide customized services.


JINPAT LPKS slip rings are represented by LPKS000-0202-01S and LPKS008-0204-0402.


The LPKS000-0202-01S has the diameter of only 20mm. It is a pioneering product that adopts SMT technology. According to customer data, the special fixed holes (slots) could be designed; the chips, terminals and other components could be integrated. The slip ring adopts metal-metal contact, which can simultaneously transmit two channels of 2A, and one channel of signals. It has the working voltage of 5 5V/DC, the withstand voltage strength of 100V@50Hz or higher, the insulation resistance of 50MΩ@500V/DC, the working temperature range of -20℃~+60℃, the work speed of 0 ~ 50 RPM, and the service life of more than 5 million rotation.


JINPAT LPKS008-0204-0402 slip ring has the through-hole design, and the diameter of 8mm. It is optional with two channels or four channels. For the slip ring with two channels, each channel can carry the current of 4A or the signal. For the slip ring with four channels, each channel can carry the current of 2A or the signal. The LPKS008-0204-0402 and LPKS000-0202-01S adopt the same manufacturing process and materials, so they have similar characteristics, such as service life.