Perfect Solutions for Flying Cameras

May 29, 2019
Latest company news about Perfect Solutions for Flying Cameras

UAV is an emerging high-tech industry, favored by professionals and enthusiasts of aerial photography. As a manufacturer of slip rings, JINPAT Electronics has professional solutions for the data transmission of the flying camera.


JINPAT Electronics has LPM miniature slip ring, LPMS super miniature slip ring, and LPT through bore slip ring, providing 360 °transmission for small UAVs. The LPM slip ring is derived from LPC capsule slip ring series. This slip ring inherits the advantages of capsule slip ring, with smaller size, the diameter ranging from 12.5mm to 16mm, and the length not exceeding 40mm. Generally, the slip ring has the design of flange with mounting hole, and the customer can also select the flangeless model.


The LPMS super miniature slip ring series has a smaller model than LPM miniature slip ring series. The smallest slip ring of this series is LPMS-04/05/08 with the diameter of 5.5 mm, and the length differs from 9.6mm to 13.5mm according to the number of channels. The slip ring realizes smaller volume with the same electrical performance, greatly saves the user's installation space, and is very suitable for small electrical transmission system.


With the development of technology, the UAV has become more complex, some become bigger with more functions, and some become smaller. At present, the smallest UAV can be put in the pocket. Therefore, JINPAT LPMS series is the best choice for mini UAVs.


As for the LPT through bore slip ring series, it is suitable for the larger UAV system used in plant protection. JINPAT through bore slip ring series makes it convenient to install hydraulic or pneumatic drive shaft. And of course it can be made into a semi-closed slip ring according to the actual needs of customers. This type of slip ring is generally applied in large mechanical platform to transmit current, and at the same time signals, gas and liquid medium, etc.


For the platform like plant protection UAVs, JINPAT LPT012 series is the best choice. The slip ring has 12 channels, the diameter of the center through hole is 12.7mm, the outer diameter is optional from 35 to 60mm according to customer demand, the maximum current is 10A, and the maximum withstand voltage is 380V/DC/AC. At present, most of the plant protection UAVs on the market are equipped with millimeter-wave radar with positioning function, and the JINPAT LPT012 series can also be integrated with high-frequency signal transmission according to the needs of customers.


JINPAT Electronics has experience of more than 20 years in the slip ring industry. With solutions of 360 °transmission for various industries, JINPAT Electronics is your trustworthy provider.