What Is A Slip Ring?

September 18, 2021
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A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals between the rotating part and the stationary part. It is also known as rotary joint, rotary collector or electric swivel. A slip ring is generally applied in electromechanical systems that need unrestricted constant rotation while sustaining power and data transmission. The application of slip ring can facilitate the rotary transmission of power and signals, therefore improving mechanical performance, simplifying structure without the concern of wire breakage due to wire dangling. The slip rings are very important in today’s electronic products and related production machines.

JINPAT Electronics is a slip ring manufacturer specialized in slip ring production and rotary transmission solutions. Since establishment in 1996, JINPAT Electronics has been devoted into bringing slip rings of best quality, most powerful function and long service life. JINPAT shows great determination in bringing slip rings with original design to the customers. JINPAT has numerous patents and is qualified by various authorities. We assure our clients receive best slip ring products and service.


JINPAT has over 10,000 off-the-shelf standard slip rings for you to choose from. If you have special requirements, you can talk to our team directly. JINPAT Electronics is also specialized in designing slip ring models. For instance, if you need a component that not only transmit power and signals but also fluid and/or gas, you can order a hybrid pneumatic hydraulic slip ring solution. The specifications can be designed according to your applications and devices. JINPAT is very experienced in making custom solutions and has received favorable feedbacks from the clients. Most clients choose to stay with JINPAT Electronics because of our product quality and efficient solution design.

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