Features and Application of JINPAT Slip Rings for Engineering Machinery

September 14, 2021
Latest company news about Features and Application of JINPAT Slip Rings for Engineering Machinery

JINPAT Electronics is a historical slip ring manufacturer with great innovative ability. Since establishment, JINPAT has devoted into perfecting slip rings for various purposes. With a strong and independent R&D team, JINPAT has established over 50 patents. The production system of JINPAT Electronics is recognized by the authorities at home and abroad. With years of efforts, JINPAT has published several standard slip ring branches that add up to thousands of stand slip ring models. Aside from the off-the-shelf slip rings, JINPAT also has the capability to design and produce custom slip rings that are comparatively sophisticated and challenging in technology.


Today, attention will be paid to JINPAT slip rings for engineering machinery. Given the applied scene and devices, most of JINPAT engineering machinery slip rings are of the large current slip ring type. Given the accurate production system and advanced machining devices, JINPAT slip rings for engineering machinery are in high conformity. Accurate positioning of angle loop. Exquisite design and layout of brush and ring, reliable contact. This kind of slip rings also features great water-proof, up to IP67. Can cope with harsh outdoor environment. With the metal housing, these large current high power slip rings also demonstrate great shock-endurance and impact-endurance. Besides, they can integrate various signals like power signals, throttle signals and CAN bus signals, etc. With an integrated encoder, the rotation angle can be improved to a more accurate one. These features make JINPAT slip rings rather competitive for the engineering machines.


Now, let’s take a look at some application scenes and the slip ring models being applied. There are many custom high power slip rings made for crane trucks. LPTS000-0330-1105-SY25 and LPTS000-0330-1105-SY50 are two custom industrial slip rings based on JINPAT through bore slip ring series. These two slip ring models can cater the demands of crane trucks from 12T to 30T. As for JINPAT LPTS000-0440-14S slip ring, it is a model designed for fire engine. Another construction machine is the cable reel. LPT012A-0602 is a very practical slip ring solution.

For more details of JINPAT slip rings for engineering machinery, you can browse our custom slip ring catalogue and search for the model you want. Also, you are welcome to send us an enquiry to talk about your actual needs. JINPAT will always have your back!


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