JINPAT USB Integrated Slip Ring Brief Introduction

September 10, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT USB Integrated Slip Ring Brief Introduction

Similar to Ethernet signals, USB signals are commonly seen in automatic machines and other electronic devices. As a key component to transmit power and signals between the stationary part and rotating part, the slip ring should be able to transmit USB signals to fulfill its function in certain electromechanical systems. JINPAT Electronics, as a professional slip ring manufacturer has developed plenty of slip rings that can integrate USB signals.


LPMS-12U-0707-U2-U1 JINPAT USB integrated slip ring is a very special model that is newly published. This slip ring features compact size with a diameter of only 6.5mm and a length of 17.4mm. And even in such a small space, there are 7 1A power channel, 1 USB2.0 channel and 1 USB1.0 channel. In the slip ring market today, most USB slip rings are with USB2.0 or USB3.0 connectors. But LPMS-12U-0707-U2-U1 manages to integrate USB1.0, which makes it a rather unique slip ring model.


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Of course, aside from the above mentioned model that integrate early USB signals, there are also high-end cutting-edge USB slip rings with high protection grading that are lately developed. These kinds of slip rings can be applied in devices that operate in harsh environments. To name but a few, like outdoor robots and pipeline inspection robots. One of the representative slip ring model is LPC-18A-01-0202-U2-E3. The power module is relatively simple with only 2 2A channels. As for the signal unit, there is 1 USB2.0 channel and 1 Gigabit Ethernet channel.


As for integrated slip rings that feature USB3.0 connector, LPC-30T-1402-01U2-01U3-E2 stands out. As you can see in its naming, it is also a hybrid slip ring that integrates Ethernet signals. There is 1 USB2.0 channel, 1 USB3.0 channel and 1 100M Ethernet channel. This integrated slip ring takes up sophisticated structure. It is built on the JINPAT capsule slip ring. With extra shielding measures, this slip ring ensures no interference between power transmission and signal transmission.


With over 25-year experience in slip ring R&D, all of JINPAT slip rings are able to transmit signals and power in a reliable and accurate way while maintaining a smooth and lasting 360° rotation. JINPAT Electronics has received favorable feedback from the customers and is your ideal partner to perfect your applications! Contact us for professional advice and personalized slip ring solutions!


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