JINPAT Ethernet Slip Rings on Automatic Machines

September 7, 2021
Latest company news about JINPAT Ethernet Slip Rings on Automatic Machines

JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer. JINPAT has independent R&D department and self-owned factory. Since establishment, JINPAT has devoted to producing slip ring with smarter design, better crafting and in lower price.


Recently, JINPAT Electronics has delivered several integrated Ethernet slip ring models oversea. Commonly seen signals like Ethernet signals in personal computers and profinet industrial Ethernet signals are both compatible in JINPAT Ethernet slip rings. That is to say JINPAT Ethernet slip rings can be applied in everyday areas as well as industrial scenes.

In the following, we will be looking into some application cases of JINPAT Ethernet slip rings.

LPT046-0430-0415-E2 and LPT000-0430-0415-E2 are two example of the middle-large size multi-channel Ethernet slip rings. The electrical modules of the two are very similar, therefore they take up similar structures. They belong to the JINPAT through bore slip ring category. The differences lie in that the former slip ring model has a through bore with a 46mm diameter while the latter model is a solid shaft slip ring. These two models are both applied in beverage filling machines.


LPC-06A-E2 JINPAT Ethernet Slip Ring

These two Ethernet slip ring have high power capacity and fit in middle/large size equipment. JINPAT also has small Ethernet slip rings that are applied in similar application. LPC-06A-E2 is a representative of the Ethernet slip ring in smaller sizes. Compared to the above mentioned models, LPC-06A-E2 is a very compact and handy slip ring model with a diameter of only 22mm, and a length of 19.2mm. It is the smallest slip ring JINPAT has invented for bottle filling machines. This mini size Ethernet slip ring is intended for high medicine filling, perfume filling and other high-added value liquid filling.


Aside from bottle filling machines, JINPAT Ethernet slip rings are also applied in labeling machines and packing machines. Take LPT000-0315-E3 for instance, it is a slip ring model especially developed for labeling machines. There are 3 15A power channel and 1 Gigabit Ethernet channel. Besides, the Ethernet slip ring generally integrates a pneumatic hydraulic rotary union to fulfill needs of various automatic production machines. JINPAT SPT000-0406-0202-E2-01A is a special hybrid Ether slip ring for plastic film processing machines. It integrates 1 100M Ethernet channel, 1 pneumatic channel and 6 power channels.


For more custom slip ring solutions, you can browse our custom slip ring catalogue or drop us an email to specify your needs. JINPAT is confident in bringing you satisfactory solutions and slip ring products.


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