What Kind of Slip Ring Can Be Used in the Sweeping Robot?

May 8, 2019
Latest company news about What Kind of Slip Ring Can Be Used in the Sweeping Robot?

The sweeping robot is a smart home appliance that can automatically vacuum and clean the ground. Pluralities of devices, such as a laser sensor, are required to rotate and conduct data on the sweeping robot, so a slip ring must be used. Since 1996, JINPAT Electronics has been focusing on the manufacture and development of slip rings. It has accumulated a very rich experience in 360° rotation solution. For the current and signals transmission of small robot systems such as sweeping robots, many JINPAT LPC, LPM series slip rings are competent.


JINPAT LPC, LPM series slip ring adopts standardization and modular design, compact structure, smooth operation, low working noise and long service life. It is the perfect choice for sweeping robot. Typical sweeping robot slip rings are: LPM-04B, LPC-06AT-05, LPC-06AU-04. The LPM-04B belongs to the miniature slip ring series. The outer diameter of the slip ring is 12.5mm and the length is only 15.6mm. It has 4 channels, each of which can carry 2A current. LPC-06AT-05 and LPC-06AU-04 have the same outer diameter and the same length, φ22mm*19.2mm, which can carry 1A current. Only LPC-06AT-05 has more than one channel than LPC-06AU-04. The former has 5 channels and the latter has 4 channels.


The slip rings of these three models are designed with flanges with mounting holes. The mounting hole size and position can be adjusted according to the customer's specific installation requirements.


Specifications of LPC-06AT-05 slip ring


Current: 4 circuits @ 1A

Voltage: 240VDC

Electrical noise: within 10mΩ

Insulation: 10mΩ@100VDC

Contact: Gold to gold contact

Working speed: 0~300rpm

Temperature: -30°C to +80°C