JINPAT Slip Ring Exists in Servomotor

May 16, 2019
Latest company news about JINPAT Slip Ring Exists in Servomotor

Servomotor encoder slip ring is specially developed for servomotor. It is mainly used to supply power to servomotor and transmit encoder signal. Special internal routing and shielding module design have been adopted, to prevent the encoder from reporting error codes, the loss rate is less than two ten thousandths.


The JINPAT LPT050-0415-0406-04S through-hole slip ring is typical servomotor encoder slip ring. There are 12 channels in total, of which 4 channels transmit 15A current, 4 channels transmit 6A current, and other 4 channels transmit signal. The working voltage is 24V and the maximum power can be transmitted up to 1536W. Due to the special installation environment, JINPAT Electronics has integrated a support column in its interior, so its length has reached 460mm, while the ordinary LPT050 series through-hole slip ring has a length of only 87.8mm.


LPT050-0415-0406-04S through-hole slip ring also has a long wire of 2000mm, and the wire is made of special LPAA wire material so that the slip ring can adapt to the harsh working environment. At the inlet and outlet ends of the slip ring, the wire is fixed by a metal PG joint, and the PG joint tightness and the sizing type are optimized according to the customer's requirements. In order to pursue excellent electrical performance, gold-to-gold contacts have also been employed.