What Kinds of Slip Rings Are Installed in The Luxury Cruise Ship? Vol.1

December 9, 2020
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As a well-established slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT Electronics is capable of providing rotary transmission solutions to various industries. Ship manufacturing is no exception. Now, JINPAT has supported ship manufacturing industries with exclusive patented slip rings/ rotary joints for marine cranes, marine winches, electric propellers, radars, inertial navigation systems (abbr. INS) and antennas, etc. And we are going to explore below what kinds of slip rings are installed in the luxury cruise ship, the representative of high-end ships.

Radars for navigation and collision avoidance is an indispensable equipment for any kind of ships. Since this type of radar is simple, the slip rings applied in it is relatively simple too. JINPAT has many mature rotary electrical transmission solutions for this application. In terms of INS radar, it is a rotary device that consumes power and releases certain kind of signal which also demands slip rings as key components. JINPAT also has many successful cases in designing specific slip rings for INS radar applied in the luxury cruise ships.

And the luxury cruise ship is a recreational function ship with super large displacement, and therefore has a great energy consumption. To converse energy as well as to provide a safer and smoother sail, most of the luxury cruise ships take up gearless steerable propulsion systems, also known as azimuthing podded drive systems, to replace the traditional traditional shaft line propulsion systems. The former cut fuel by 10~15% compared to the latter. The slip ring is a key player in the azimuthing podded drive system. Slip rings help to realize steering and providing drive of the podded system.

By far, the displacement of the largest luxury cruise is over 220000 tons. This cruise adopts 3 set of 20MW podded propeller systems. What else? To transmit lubricant and cooling gas, a luxury cruise ship is also equipped with a hybrid hydraulic pneumatic rotary joint. ABB is by now the largest podded drive system provider in the world. Since the slip rings used in the system are with high technology and difficult to produce, ABB also produce these large current slip rings on its own. But with breakthroughs made at home in relation to podded drive system for ship, Chinese slip rings manufactures also begin to make a noise in developing specific slip rings for the podded propeller systems. JINPAT Electronics, with its experienced technology team, has become a pioneer in making large current slip rings for podded drive systems.