Window Cleaning Robot Slip Ring

September 11, 2020
Latest company news about Window Cleaning Robot Slip Ring

Window cleaning robot relys on the vacuum pump or fan device at its bottom to firmly adsorb on the glass, artificial intelligence to automatically detect the corner distance of the window and plan the window cleaning path. Window cleaning robot generally uses the strength of its adsorption on the glass to drive the rag at the bottom of the fuselage to wipe off the dirt on the glass.

Window cleaning robot needs to rotate 360° when it is working. It is not difficult to solve this problem, and capsule slip ring can solve it easier!

JINPAT capsule slip ring adopts gold-gold contact point to ensure stability and service life. It is mainly used in civil and commercial fields. Super thick gold-plated treatment, all imported bearings, rare metal alloy brush wire; to ensure the normal operation of the window cleaning robot!

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