JINPAT Sewer Inspection Robot Slip Ring

September 16, 2020
Latest company news about JINPAT Sewer Inspection Robot Slip Ring

In robotic application, slip ring is known as robotic rotary joint or robot slip ring. Usually a sewer inspection robot will need slip rings with different requirement.

Till now, JINPAT has already offered many different mature slip ring solutions to sewer inspection robotic applications. JINPAT super miniature capsule slip ring LPMS-06B-06S has been in mass production for years. This model solves the limited installation area problem. It’s also featured with cost-saving and low friction torque. Another low- cost recommended model is JINPAT through bore slip ring LPT000-3816-2402. It has superior signal transfer capability, able to meet sewer inspection robots’ all needs of infinite 360 degree rotation from their fixed part to the rotating part.

No matter you need compact capsule slip rings, through bore slip rings, pan cake slip rings, fiber optic rotary joints, electro-optic rotary joints, etc., JINPAT could always offer you both standard and customized slip ring solutions.