JINPAT High Frequency Slip Ring Application Terminal Inventory

March 22, 2023
Latest company news about JINPAT High Frequency Slip Ring Application Terminal Inventory

JINPAT high frequency slip ring has two series, its single channel LPCC series is very small in diameter, often integrated with cap type slip ring with small via hole, when using 75Ω coaxial line, this series of slip ring is used to transmit SDI high-definition video signals, currently this series of products has the highest ability to support 12G-SDI signals. After replacing its wire with a 50Ω coaxial cable, it can have the ability to transmit radio frequency signals. However, due to the small size of this series of products, it can only support radio frequency signals with a maximum peak power of 3KW. The high-frequency slip ring LPHF series has the ability to support the transmission of radio frequency signals with a peak power of up to 30KW.


When a conductive slip ring integrates an LPCC high-frequency slip ring using a 75Ω wire, this product becomes a SDI high-definition video signal integrated slip ring. Except for LPC-1C series standard high-frequency integrated slip rings developed from LPC-T series products. Regardless of hollow shaft or cap type, as long as the LPCC high-frequency slip ring using 75Ω wire is integrated, it is specially customized for specific equipment that needs to transmit video signals. Among these equipment, people’s daily life can come into contact with it. The device stabilizes the large pan-tilt and the spherical rotatable high-definition video surveillance camera on the street.


JINPAT Electronics will update and measure the integrated products with integrated LPCC and LPHF high-frequency slip rings every year, which can meet the needs of most mainstream application terminals for high-definition video signal and radio frequency signal transmission, and the high-frequency slip rings in these products Rings are all independently developed and produced by JINPAT Electronics. Some types of high-frequency slip rings independently developed by JINPAT have even surpassed the same type of imported products in some performances. This makes JINPAT high-frequency integrated slip rings not only With faster delivery speed, the quality can also be guaranteed.